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Polished Yet Casual in the Flatiron District

Whether it’s tourists taking selfies under the Flatiron building, foodies wolfing down Eataly gelato or fashion enthusiasts flocking to buy the latest arrivals at boutiques, the Flatiron district offers some of New York’s biggest draws. The area is also packed with young entrepreneurs hustling to meetings at the towering office spaces nearby. Aristotle Torres was among them. The born-and-bred New Yorker from the Bronx was on his way to a company meeting wearing a waxed trench, a cashmere crew neck, a striped button-up and Jordan 8’s.

Aristotle Torres, 31

Creative director

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very versatile, casual but still polished. I have a very eclectic day and I am around very eclectic people, so I want to make sure I can fit in no matter what my day turns into.

Tell us about your sneakers.

I love Jordans. I mean, for me, they are the Ferragamos of sneakers. There’s just something that Jordan represents, a certain class and a certain style. I think their designs were way ahead of their time; the fact that something that was designed in the ’90s is still relevant and innovative today just goes to show how good design is timeless.

What is your favorite piece that you are wearing today?

I think the favorite piece that I have on today is my vintage Rolex. Growing up in the Bronx, having a Rolex meant that you reached a certain level of success. And I love that all of my peers wear, like, the gaudy, all-gold Rolex, but I have the leather-band vintage one. It’s a little cooler to me.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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